About US

George WilsonI am glad to welcome you on my website dedicated to the repair of pressure washers. Who am I? My name is George Wilson. The short story is I am an expert in repairing this type of equipment. Over the years of my work, I have successfully repaired several thousand pressure washers, so I can say for sure that I have excellent knowledge of this technology. I tried to share all my experience and knowledge with you here, on my website, dedicated to repair and troubleshooting of pressure washers.

If you’ve come to my blog, then probably your appliance is faulty and requires repair. Most service center staff members will tell you that this technique is too complicated for a self-repair. But I want to tell you honestly – it is quite possible to fix most of the simple malfunctions by yourself using the information I posted here.

So does it make sense to pay a lot of money for the work that you can do yourself? Very often, it is better to try a DIY repair.

On the pages of this website, I will tell you not only about the repair techniques, but also about how to properly use this appliance to let it serve you for years to come.